3 reasons you should get a Motorola Galaxy 2X

Are you tired of your phone breaking after the first drop? Well, fear not the Motorola Galaxy 2x will not break on the first drop. They will last you a long time.

A Motorola Galaxy 2x compared to an Apple phone is much better because when you drop the phone it will not shatter the first drop. It’s big enough to fit in your hand.

It will come with apps and games on your phone when you get it. It can shatter if you like through it on the ground. It comes in a blue box and it comes with a charger and a brick.

How you can apply this to your life is you can make an emergency call by when you want to put in your password it has a button that says emergency call. You can also hold down the power button and it gives you options on what to do with your phone.

Finally, you should get this phone because it doesn’t shatter easily. It’s big enough to fit in your hand. It is best to handle in an emergency.