OKC Animal Shelter is overcrowded

The Oklahoma City animal shelter is well over capacity. The animal caretakers at the Oklahoma City shelter have posted the news on fox 25 news about how the shelter has become overcrowded. This overcrowded could lead to the animals getting a disease from being so close to one another.

According to Fox 25,  “Euthanasia becomes a huge concern during this time. Anytime you get overcrowding you have to start worrying about disease, which you also see in shelters. As the animals overcrowd, the disease will spread faster.“ How you can help this shelter not be in an overcapacity state is by going to the Oklahoma City shelter any day of the week from 9 to 5:30 for any questions contact the shelter at (405) 297-3100.

Nova is a rescue dog owned by Jaxson Collins.
Vader is a rescue dog owned by Erin Filler.
Dana Camacho’s dog, Duke.
Ferdinand the rescued pitbull is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Hookstra.