The immersive JRPG where nobody has to die

The immersive JRPG where nobody has to die

Are you tired of all these bloody violent games? Would you rather play a peaceful RPG where nobody has to die? Well, Undertale could be the right game for you.

Undertale is an engaging JRPG with interesting characters, an exciting soundtrack and a fun spin on the average battle system. Plus, you can go on a date with a skeleton. Traverse through several season-themed regions and make friends along the way via the spare mechanic. The game also has replay value if you’re a completionist because there are many endings with different results based on your choices in the game.

The core aspect of Undertale is the battle system. In the average RPG, you slaughter your way through to the final boss, but in Undertale, none of that is necessary. Instead, you can befriend to your heart’s content. That is if you want a good ending.

Undertale has been ported to just about any mainstream console, along with PC, meaning you can play anytime, anywhere. Plus, it’s free on the Nintendo Switch! Though, there are some differences between the versions. Switch users get a secret mini-boss that uses Switch-exclusive mechanics, whereas in other versions the boss is replaced by a dog shrine. YouTubers have uploaded videos of the fight, so you’re not missing out either way.

All in all, Undertale is a fun, quick game. It definitely has its faults, as any game does, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless! I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a short and rewarding game.