More than just popcorn on Friday

Video by Anthony Diaz, Erick Armador Vargas, and Jaxson Collins --- Thank you to Mrs. Hamilton and Mrs. Elizardo for your help.


Every Friday morning Mrs. Hamilton wheels the popcorn machine over and plugs it in to heat up.  It’s popcorn day.  Students and teachers stop by the library throughout the morning to grab a bag.  It’s part of YMS culture.

The smell fills the air, everyone is excited that the work week is coming to a close.

“The money from Popcorn Friday goes to buying school supplies,” said Mrs. DeeDee, Librarian.

The buttery deliciousness of this popcorn.

“My favorite type of popcorn is kettle corn,” said Mrs. DeeDee, Librarian.

The joy is overfilling!

“I think that the popcorn on Popcorn Friday is too salty,” said Ashley Penaloza, 8th grade.

Eating the joy right up!