Which water park is best?


Water park people having fun!

Don’t you wish it was hot out? When it does get hot you probably want to have something to do and a water park will be fun. Here are some good ones.

Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma City has exciting rides, relaxing pools, a lazy river, and luxury cabanas awaiting your arrival. Perfect for the kids and adults that want to relax or cool off. With good snacks and food and a shop, Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma City is one of the best water parks ever, having a lot more slides than most. There are games to play and cliffs to jump off to. It’s definitely worth the money.

Wild West Water Works is a good water park to go to if you want to bring your kids and have a good time with good food. Their rides aren’t as fun as Harbor but it’s still good and fun things to do.

Frontier City has a lot of fun rides and is most known for events and roller coasters and has really good foods and drinks with a fast pass, what most people don’t know is there is a water park in the back for the kids to slide and cool off with food you can eat as you watch them it is a good way to calm down and cool off.

If you find yourself wanting to go to a water park I would go to Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma City because it isn’t that far and it’s for all ages.