Is the 2022 The Goods worth the price


Looking for a new baseball bat? Need something to hit dingers with? Well then try 2022 The Goods [-3] BBCOR a new baseball bat released by DeMarini. Although the bat is pricey at a whopping $399.95, it can get you major college offers.

Is your bat getting old? Is it starting to lose that pop it had? Well with this bat 2022 The Goods [-3] BBCOR. Your bat might just get you a measly ground ball down the line. But with this bat, you could be hitting balls 400ft. Your bat could be similar by having that pop but I can proudly say that this is the best bat I have ever used.

Need a bat but don’t know how good it is? Well, this bat is the #1 bat used by college baseball teams. So if you think that this isn’t good, try again.

I am arguing about how the DeMarini 2022 The Goods [-3] BBCOR is the best baseball bat you can buy.