Why you need basketball shoes with grip


Are you looking for a basketball shoe with a really good grip? Go get some Candace Parker Exhibit B shoes.
Candace parker has two Exhibits. You have Exhibit A and Exhibit B. Exhibit A gives you more height, but Exhibit B gives you more grip and ankle support. If you want more grip and ankle support then get Exhibit B, but if you want more height then get Exhibit A.
The candace parkers comes in many different colors, but I’m just going to describe the white ones. The candace parkers have a wavy look at the bottom. When you put the shoe on you have tight ankle support.
You need more grip so when you are in a game you can stop for a jump shot, so you can be a good defender, so you can stop quickly when someone is trying to shoot on a fast break. You need a grip for a lot of things.
So if you need a basketball shoe with grip you can get some Candace Parker Exhibit B. Just remember they have a really good grip.