Cookies mean its Wednesday at YMS

Video by Clint Fuerstenau and Trenton Jones -- Thanks to Mrs. Hamilton for helping us with this coverage.

It goes beyond the perk of a delicious snack.  It’s the aroma, the taste and the mindset that comes with a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie.  Wednesdays at YMS mean it’s cookie day and vice versa.  The library sells cookies every Wednesday until they run out.  It’s something students wait all week for.  It’s something that you ask your friend to borrow a dollar for or promise a friend, “if you do this for me, I’ll buy you a cookie tomorrow!”

Yes, it is a school fundraiser. Yes, the money goes to pay for supplies and help provide better instruction. But even if the money went straight into the trash, it would be a more-than-fair trade.

Cookies are being pulled fresh out of the oven.
Cookies cooling ready to be put onto bags.
Cookies waiting to be baked.
Jenna Hamilton puts the new cookies in the oven to be baked.