The Clock Is Ticking

Climate Clock Team spreads awareness

Have you ever wondered how much time we have left? The Climate Clock, located in New York City, has been counting down to answer this question since 2015 and will go off in July 2029. When it goes off, we will be at a point of no return from the devastating effects of climate change.
The Clock was started by the Climate Clock Team, a group of people from many different backgrounds all with one goal: to spread awareness about climate change. Though it has accomplished this goal, with multitudes of protestors and businesses going green, the clock will not stop until carbon emissions are at zero, a goal seemingly impossible in the foreseeable future.
However, there is still hope before the clock goes off. Since the UN joined the Race to Zero and the UNFCCC began meeting every year, some progress has been made in negotiating countries’ contributions to the cause. At the next UNFCCC meeting, which will be held in Egypt from November 8th through November 18th, these negotiations will be turned into plans for implementation.
Though larger powers have joined the fight, individuals need to do their part to contribute to the cause. Ways to reduce your carbon footprint include using reusable bags at the grocery store, limiting and recycling waste, and limiting use of electricity.