Ye, another controversy


If you have ever sought entertainment through music or more specifically hip-hop you’ve probably heard of Kanye West.  Although he has had his lows as well such as all the controversy that he’s sprouted in the past few years though adidas has stuck with him. But his most recent controversy must have crossed the line for Adidas because they cut off all ties with him.

In recent conversations that took place on October 21, 2022, with Kanye, he was seen commenting on antisemitism has pushed Adidas’s buttons too much. It’s not only Adidas who’s dropping him Balenciaga has also found no excuse for Kanye’s comments. He has said in the past he struggles with mental health issues which possibly gives an explanation for these comments. But it still doesn’t change the fact he said it which is fanning the flames of hate. For example in LA two people rolled a tarp on the highway that read “Kanye was right” and the Nazi saluted as cars were passing by.

Throughout the years of his career, Kanye West has changed hip-hop exponentially. He’s even made a shoe with adidas that is popular among younger generations called yeezys.