The most durable phone case



Otterbox phone case

The Otterbox is one of the most durable phone cases if not the most durable phone case out there. And I would say most people know what the Otterbox is and if you don’t well your good this article is going to tell you about the Otterbox.

The Otterbox has very good durability. It has a rubber outside with a plastic case around it that keeps it sold. And sometimes has a thin plastic screen over it that keeps the screen from cracking when you drop it.

The maker of the Otterbox is Curt Richardson. He made the first Otterbox in his garage in the early 90s. And in 1998 the phone case was born.

The Otterbox price range is $30 to $70 dollars. It is worth it though because your phone is not going to break. Unless you like dropping it into traffic with cars or off the grand canyon your pretty much good. And it has some water resistance meaning you could drop it in a puddle or like water area and you will be good. And here is an image of what the Otterbox looks like.