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Madison Cox

Madison Cox, Writer

      An Anime loving Freak She likes to binge watch cooking shows like ¨nail it or fail it¨Do you ever wish your dad never met your stepmom?¨never¨Do you love your family?¨yes¨A baby being noisy while falling asleep,¨blaze and the monster machines¨ playing on the TV, Loud music blasting through headphones,its peaceful and quiet in the house it's like there only just the baby and max.there couldn't be another place in the world they rather be.Max grew up in a loving house with there dad(Travis Cox) and their grandpa(Roy Cox),at the age of 11-12 their dad got married to a amazing women named Rachel who had a son named Atlas, soon after was born another baby boy named Orion,Max used to watch cook shows with their grandpa all the time now only they watch the cooking show because their grandpa is to sick to watch cooking shows with them anymore. Max's grandpa ever since Max was 5 he used to watch cooking shows with Max all the time every Friday he would take max to a movie but slowly there grandpa stopped bringing them to movies. Maxwell the unknowing teddy bear, anime loving,cook show watching freak. 

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Madison Cox