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Jack Dever

Jack Dever, Writer

Jack Dever likes to collect weather radios as a hobby. He also wants to be a filmmaker or create movies for blockbusters when he is older. Jack believes the best chicken place is Mcdonald’s. And he likes to hang out with friends or chat with them online in his spare time. He doesn’t use chapstick but thinks it helps. His favorite class is Pre-Algebra and his least favorite is science. His peers describe him as funny and hang out with friends a lot. Jack has been collecting weather radios since July last year. The thing that influenced him to get into collecting weather radio is that there is an entire community of people who collect weather radios and that really influenced him. The other thing that influenced him is that he saw that everyone in that community made videos about weather radios and when he saw them he that that was really interesting and cool. Jack is funny, outgoing, and very smart. He loves to hang out with his friends and chats with them. He has been going to YPS since kindergarten (2013-14). His inspiration is his mom and grandma because they encourage him to keep on going. And finally, the thing that makes him feel alive is oxygen. 

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Jack Dever