Snack culture at YMS

Cookies on Wednesdays, Popcorn on Fridays and every passing period a pop-tart or bag of chips makes our snack culture at YMS stand out. Other schools may try to replicate this or have a row of vending machines, but at YMS the Library has a reputation for gathering kids together.

The books bring students but there has to be money to keep updating the reading selections. This is where snack sales come in.

Jenah Hamilton says she wishes state funding was good then YMS would not have to sell the snacks. Snack sales benefit the day-to-day operations of YMS including all library updates to books and equipment, and more.

The library gets stressful and students are not doing what they are asked to do sometimes.

¨If it is really really busy then yes especially if the kids are not listening,” says Hamilton. “It is hard to cooperate if they won’t listen to me, it just makes it hard on all of us.¨

Imagine you would feel if you are selling food and the kid hands you a twenty and the kid buys one thing. Now you have to count out all the ones and fives and you don’t want to take their time or they aren’t listening to you.

The library sells around 500 bags of popcorn every Friday.

Have you ever wondered where the library snacks come from? Mrs. Hamilton indicated they order their food from Sam’s because they are cheaper and it is pre-packaged for sale.

Students that work in the library have to be

good with quick money counting, handling a stressful situation, and working hard at the moment. There are plenty of times when it is not busy but those who can jump to action are the best helpers.

Students who can manage themselves in the library and find themselves in trouble need to just skip it. If you know you have an issue and you need to work on it, this may be a good suggestion to put your day on the right track.





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