A plea for lockers

Students at YMS should use lockers. Bags are heavy, to carry around all day, students have sports that they need to carry extra equipment for and it would be nice to keep stuff safe during lunch periods.

I have heard students in the hallway saying, “It would be nice to not have to carry all my math work.” And they also say, “My backpack is so heavy I would love to use the lockers again”

What I’m trying to get at here is that our backpacks are heavy and we need lockers again it would be easier to walk around school without all that dead weight we carry if we got lockers again we wouldn’t be late to class because of that slow walk we do because e have so much dead weight

“In lunchtime I think it’s pointless to carry your bag,” said 8th-grader Cierra White

“We should have lockers because sometimes our backpacks just can’t carry all the stuff we have and it would be easier for some people,” said Memphis Venard, 8th grade.

One of the more trivial things are the culture of lockers. Students can decorate them or leave messages for each other. It creates a real opportunity for daily middle school life to be more interesting. Teachers and parents could leave messages for students in their lockers. Students that needed to take home an extra pair of clothes or some extra food on breaks wouldn’t have to be called out of class or sneak around.

Lockers would even be worth it if they were just used to store an extra coat, or for those who have trouble with the dress code, an extra pair of pants and shirt.