Seating and eating at YMS


Sophia Gutierrez

Students seated and watching their phones.

When the bell rings for lunch students bolt for the door and then have to make some decisions, send some text messages, and think “Oh no, where did I leave my lunchbox.” There are few perfect days in middle school but it’s going to be a good one if you end up sitting with a friend eating something you like in the cafeteria.

Lunch is one of the most important meals of the day and is consumed mostly in school cafeterias for children. Wholesome lunches are vital in maintaining a healthy metabolism and give children energy for the rest of the school day. Children are advised to eat healthily but do not always do so because of the choices of tastier, fatty foods offered in school.

The school library offers some high-fat high-sugar foods such as honey buns, rice crispy treats, candy, and sodas. Eating healthier options is not just better fuel for your body, but fuel for your mind.

“Us as students cannot concentrate on work if we are hungry,” said 8th-grader Lily Lile.

It’s not the library’s fault for offering tasty snacks. The school food that is offered in the cafeteria every day is sometimes inedible. It can be a waste. The goal is for everyone to eat and enjoy that break time between classes. This wasting food because it is inedible or hard to eat all leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Do you like sitting by yourself? When students enter the cafeteria they are forced to stay in a line and sit in a specific section. Students typically like sitting by friends but don’t always get the opportunity. Conversations even become difficult when a student is grouped with friends because of the every-other-seat rule. It is possible to sit across the table from a friend, but that is difficult with the current seating process.

Live conversations are beneficial to everyone, especially kids, especially now.


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