Fewer class periods mean fewer electives

Budget cuts from the pandemic effect YMS

The district’s budget cuts have affected us all. These budget cuts ranged from cutting teachers to electives being shortened from 3 to 2. No matter how or why these budget cuts have had an impact on the district as a whole. These budget cuts are ultimately due to COVID-19.

COVID is the primary cause of these cuts. When asked about these cuts. Mr. McDonald has this to say: “YMS lost close to 200 students last year to other schools, mainly online schools. So when those students are not at YMS, we do not receive money for those students. So it was significantly impacted due to the loss of the 200 students.” If not as many students had transferred to virtual learning, we might still have 7 class periods.

The elective cutdown was so devastating for most students in the school. Carson Grant, an 8th grader said, “I had three electives I worked hard to get into, and I had to choose between the three of them.”

These electives were Gifted, Band, and Accelerated Art. These are all electives you need to work hard to get into and he had to throw one away, meaning that all that work was pointless in the long run, which is extremely devastating. According to Clay McDonald, this was crucial to the budget staying alive.

“By eliminating some electives we were able to reduce staff positions, which money is saved by not paying as many salaries,” says Mr. McDonald. This makes sense but is still disappointing.

These cuts not only affected the students but the teachers as well. The district had to reassign some of the teachers, which is very saddening.

Some electives that were normally full year got cut down to a semester-long elective, such as strength and Gifted. This affects them because what they had planned to do for the full year, they have to somehow incorporate it all into a semester.

We can all help the school by doing fundraisers, getting Kona Ice, or even something as simple as getting a snack from the library. This is all beneficial to the school because by doing these things for them, they get part of the money that is raised.