Pardon this interruption

Pardon this interruption

Inclement weather is a very common thing in Oklahoma, whether it be triple-digit heat index temperatures or a thunderstorm that is flooding the streets. Some students aren’t happy about the inclement weather dismissal plansand some teachers are confused about why students wear sweatshirts when it’s hot and shorts when it’s cold.

For those who do not know the inclement weather plan, bus riders go to the gym to wait for their bus to be called. This can be troublesome because it can be hard to hear in the gym when everyone is talking.
“I almost missedmine once because I couldn’t hear,” says 7th-grader Hugh Winkeler, while 8th-grader Matthew Manuele has said that he has missed his bus once because it’s hard to hear.

Even during heavy rains and hot temperatures, sports practices still go on during inclement weather, even when it’s outside.

“I don’t think that it’s right that they train for sports outside,” said Manuele.

“It’s loud, crowded, and you can’t hear if your bus was called or when it was being called without asking a teacher or someone in charge,” said Winkeler when describing the inclement weather bus dismissal.

Inclement weather is one of the biggest problems in Oklahoma. It storms for a while then we want sun, as well as the other way around. It almost feels like the weather can never be perfect. Before the recent rains, there was a long lack of rainfall, with only half an inch of rain for most of the school year and 19 days without rain with 37 in nearby El Reno.

One of the biggest reasons why Oklahoma has so much bad weather is because the state is in a region called Tornado Alley. This is a region that gets warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico, cold dry air from areas like southern Montana and Wyoming, and warm dry air from New Mexico and southwest Texas.

Some students say that they have better ideas about what to do for inclement weather. Rowan Axtell, 8th grade, says that he would personally rather stay next to the wall and watch for the busses, or have them all ready when the bell rings. Manuelle says that it would be better if everyone is in the pit or the library. Seventh-grader Melvin Matthews says that the bus schedule should change.