Students hoping for a safe summer

Cruises, zoos, concerts, swimming, and vacations are all the things middle schoolers and people all around the world have done every summer, but since Covid, all of those things have been stopped. But what if we told you that was about to change?
Oklahoma University Doctor, Dale Bratzler, states that you should be very careful when thinking about going on a vacation and to be aware of what is going on in that region so you can stay safe while traveling. Oklahoma doctors are thinking and might even be positive that we will be able to get our summer back to normal this year. O.U. Doctor, Dale Bratzler, says that participating in outdoor activities will be safe, with or without a mask on.
Some students said that they missed out on water parks and other outdoor activities because of COVID.
“I missed out on many summer activities that I participated in previously cause of the pandemic,” says 7th-grader Isabelle Harris. “Last summer we didn’t get to go out more and more things were closed down than every other summer”
Even with cities removing the mask mandates, professionals still recommend wearing a mask while participating in indoor activities with others. Oklahoma now has fewer cases, hospitalizations, and a very strong vaccine rollout, with 70-80 percent of Oklahomans already vaccinated, we are right on track to taking our summer back.