FCCLA hosts food drive


So far, the FCCLA food drive is off to a slow start. Bring canned or dried food to the library or either of the FACS classrooms to donate. See signs in the hallway.

Yukon Middle School and FCCLA are hosting a canned food drive from now to May 14th. You can bring everything from canned foods, cereal, and even peanut butter.

To get more information on the drive, we talked to Mrs. Nelson. She and FCCLA host this food drive every year. It all started because a student requested a food drive, Mrs. Nelson liked the idea and since then she and FCCLA have hosted the drive. The food drive will get most of its help from FCCLA during rec time.

They plan to help some people out there who can’t afford food. You can help out by bringing some canned foods and put it in the donation boxes located around the school. The food drive will be hosted in her class, you can donate during rec time.

“I think the amount of people it will help depends on how many donations we get.” Mrs. Nelson stated. If you have any further questions, bring them to Mrs. Nelson!