Snacks at YMS


Students were able to purchase fresh popcorn in the library on Fridays before the pandemic hit.

Imagine you are walking past the library in between your class hours. You see Mrs. DeeDee behind a cart. You walk towards the cart with $2 in your hand. You look at the cart, to see some water bottles and some chips. This happens to many students at YMS. They might feel disappointed because the snack cart doesn’t have the snacks they like, or they are happy because the cart has their favorite chips. But most, if not all students, have noticed there are less snacks.
As many students have noticed, there are less snacks at YMS than last year.
“There was more variation last year, and we actually got real cookies, popcorn, and soda, now we get suckers,” said 7th grader Ethan Penner.
Snacks were sold before school, during lunch, and after school. Snacks are only sold in between our classes now.
Students have been wondering why they do not have the same snacks as last year.
Students were able to purchase fresh popcorn in the library on Fridays before the pandemic hit.
This year, we have had fewer snacks than last year.
Last year, we had snacks like sodas and even donuts on some days.
”We changed them to a smaller selection, and we sold them out in the hall now instead of in the library. We also no longer sell cookies, or popcorn because they are not pre-packaged,” said school Librarian Mrs. Hamilton.

Now, we only have sodas on special days like Valentine’s Day and Field Day.
This year, we only have chips, lollipops, and water bottles. They are also only sold in between our classes. Because of this, not many people are buying snacks because they are going to their classes, they don’t even walk by the snack carts, or they don’t even know about the snacks. But, this does cause less students to hang around then unlike last year.
“We may still sell them out in the hallway because it seems to be faster, and we don’t have so many kids just hanging around,” said Mrs. Hamilton.
Some students miss all of the options from previous years.
“They are not as good as last year, because there are not as many options,” said Ethan Penner.
The pandemic regulated some of the new snack policies and changes.
“I don’t think they should have [changed snack policies] because last year you could have gotten it any time of the day, so there was less [crowded] interaction,” said Ethan Penner.
Snacks had to be pre-packaged to fit the rules of the pandemic and that limited some of the selection and special cookie or popcorn days.
As you can see, there is hope for next year. We might get back all of the cookies and popcorn we used to have. We might have the snacks we had last year.