Police officer fired for striking an Army officer

VIRGINIA – Four months after police officer Joe Gutierrez pulled Army officer Caron Nazario over, Gutierrez was fired after an investigation.
In December 2020, Gutierrez is accused of using excessive force during a traffic stop of Army officer Caron Nazario, who is Black and Latino.
Second Lt. Nazario is suing.
This happened in December, the Lieutenant was threatened and then was doused with pepper spray and pushed to the ground. The officer that pointed the gun was fired.
This is an example of real-life problems that some of the black community have to face. Though racism has started to happen less over the years, it still does occur.
‘’I think that some cops treat people differently because of their color,” said 7th-grader Bryanna Estrada.
Nazario waited to pull his vehicle over to the side of the road until he found a well-lit gas station. At the gas station where Nazario stopped, two officers from Smithfield Police Department conducted a traffic stop of the army lieutenant.
Nazario drove to the gas station that was well lit, according to the lawsuit the two officers got out of their police car and pulled their guns immediately. Then they pointed it at Caron Nazario.
After the officer pulled their guns they tried to attempt to get Nazario out of his SUV. Once he got out of his car he asked for a supervisor, which officer Joe Gutierrez gave knee strikes to his legs making him go to the ground.
Even after that, The two officers struck him multiple times, then handcuffed and interrogated him.