Pandemic causes social anxiety


Julie Martin

Students feeling isolated during the pandemic may experience anxiety.

Students feeling isolated during the pandemic may experience anxiety. (Julie Martin)

A year ago many people were just realizing that they could no longer go to school, see their friends, or eat at restaurants. This isolation caused many people to have increasing stress levels and develop social anxiety.

The pandemic began in early 2020, and it has taken a toll on many people’s physical and mental health. Many people have been self medicating with junk food, alcohol, or other things during the pandemic. This has caused many people to suffer from stress and anxiety like never before. With new social distancing protocols people have been not only physically, but mentally distant from others. This has caused lots of people to develop new social anxiety and different stress disorders.

Social anxiety is not rare, but it has become a new rising issue in society today. In the UK and US alone, about 10 and 12 percent have been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder. This number may increase once life begins to revert back to normal because they have been isolated for such a long period of time.

For many people working or learning from home has been a relief of stress. It has given people a false sense of security that will be hard to forget about when society returns to normal. People have gotten used to staring at a screen to accomplish their everyday tasks. Schools have started to convert all of their assignments and tests onto computers. This has taken a toll on many different students’ mental health. Many students at YMS also struggle with stress and social anxiety that has increased over this past year. The pandemic has affected all of our lives in multiple different ways, but all we can hope for is that it will get better soon!