Dakhoda Fahrentholds obsession

My obsession is basketball and I feel like it’s popular because it’s a fun sport once you get to learn how to play it and it’s not a one-man show. It takes teamwork and I feel like people like doing things with their friends.
Why would anyone get into basketball?
So you’re going down the court with 5 seconds left, the defender dragging off of you, you’re down by 2 you have to shoot from outside the arc and you hit the shot and win the game for the championship. The crowd goes wild.
I feel like some people will disagree with my opinion. Basketball is the best sport and everyone can play it and you can score thousands of points by the time the season is over and you could win the championship.
So here are some facts that you need to know about the game of basketball first you have to be coordinated and after that, you basically need to learn how to dribble and shoot and that’s all you need to play the game.