New program prepares police to work with people that with special needs

The Moore Police Department has a new training program. This program is called a “special needs alert identification program”. This program will make it to where police know if someone in the home or car has a disability.

Do you think this program is necessary? Many people with disabilities have spoken up about being embarrassed when it comes to speaking with dispatchers and officers.

Moore police officer Kyle Hill says that it will help them assist the public better.

The special needs identification program is a program you can sign up for if you have hearing loss or live with autism or a similar diagnosis, so first responders know more about your disability when you call for help.

Those who are eligible can sign up for this program to adapt to their needs.

Adapting to needs is nothing new at YMS. Here at YMS, there is a program called “partner’s club”. Students can enroll to help students with disabilities during events and classes.

Seventh grade student Mckinzie slaughter says, “My favorite part would have to be getting to know the athletes and see them get excited about learning new things and also knowing that one small thing we help them with now could really benefit them in the future.”

Moore Police Department