Crazy weather expected, it’s Oklahoma

clouds hanging over the lunch area at YMS

Carolina Sikes

clouds hanging over the lunch area at YMS

Oklahoma’s weather can be very challenging to understand, and extremely hard to predict. For example, one weekend it could be below freezing and then the next day it could be in the 80´s.

We have seen some crazy weather overtime in Oklahoma. While tornadoes are all different sizes, strengths, and locations, they all share some same certain characteristics. They are spawned from a type of rotating storm called a supercell thunderstorm. And they are all driven by atmospheric instability and by a phenomenon known as wind shear. This happens when wind near the ground blows in one direction, but aloft it blows in another direction.

¨While people think of our state as the ‘tornado state’, our state is actually one of the most scientific states,¨ said 7th grader Jack Dever

Make sure you are also staying safe! If you are at your house and a tornado hits, get to a tornado shelter. However, if you don’t have a tornado shelter go to a room/area without any windows (bathrooms,basements, e.t.c). If you are outdoors, find a field or ditch away from items that can fly through the air or go to the nearest shelter, like a gas station or store.

If you’re in school and a tornado happens, make sure you are paying attention to what your teacher or an adult is telling you! Students are told to go to the wrestling room or to the locker rooms underneath the bleachers in the gym.