Masks at YMS


Kamryn Pender

Faith Thejus wears a mask in the YMS gym.

Here at YMS students and faculty have been wearing masks to keep each other safe, but for some students this seems to be an issue.

Students at Yukon Middle School have been instructed to wear face coverings over their nose and mouth, but this has not fully reached everyone. There has been an ongoing issue with pupils not properly wearing their face coverings, they often wear them under their chin, or below their nose. Teachers have become frustrated with the issue, some have resorted to sending some students out to hallways, and even the office.

It is an issue for students to go without masks, because if one student does not wear their mask properly, and has covid, they could possibly cause an outbreak at school. This could put the entire middle school back into virtual learning. And when students are fully virtual some do not complete work. This is a hindrance to learning for many.

Teachers and students do not always see eye to eye, but in this situation some students have had the concept explained, but are putting others at risk out of stubbornness. Some like the attention of arguing with a teacher. Faculty usually sends the student, or students, out after a repeated disregard for safety.

There are scheduled times that students are allowed, and encouraged, to take a break of their masks. They are still asked to distance appropriately, but mostly get a free period of time. They get this privilege during lunch, which is a long break. During lunch students are in and outside, when the weather is agreeable. This gives pupils ample time to breathe and have a bit of fresh air. So they have a time to be without

Teachers and students will need to learn to understand each other, to keep everyone safe at YMS.