Nike Settles Lawsuit


Brooklyn Carry

Although these are not the shoes from the lawsuit, Nike shoes are very popular at YMS.

Nike announced a week ago that it settled its lawsuit against the company that made Lil Nass X’s “Satan Shoes”.  The company that made the shoes is MSCHF Product Studio Inc. This is the same company that made “Jesus shoes”. “ 

“Supporting the devil shoes does not look good for the Nike company,” explains YMS 7th-grader, Laurence Stephens.

    Shortly after releasing the $1,000 shoes, Nike started getting hate for the shoes on social media. After receiving multiple complaints the company sued the company that made the shoes.

”I think the company made the shoes to promote Lil Nas X music video,” said Stephens.

Each shoe advertised that each Nike Air Max 97 shoe comes with a bronze pentagram charm, an inverted cross, and 1 drop of human blood. The company that made the Satan Shoes customize the Nike Air Max 97’s and then would add these additional items. 

“I dislike the design,” said Stephens.

After making 666 pairs of unlimited shoes, Nike found out about the new release of the satan shoes. Nike pressed charges and filed a lawsuit against the company. The charges were later dropped when Nike settled the lawsuit. 

     Shortly after the lawsuit was dropped the judge of the case blocked the shoes from being shipped to the customers. After 666 pairs of shoes were made all but one got shipped out to a customer. The company that made the shoes offered full refunds in order to remove the shoes from circulation, Nike said.