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What is your favorite season for sports?

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My obsession is sports. It is not really unpopular. In sports, the goal is to be the best so it pushes everyone to work hard.
Is giving up normal stuff like parties, and having fun with friends worth being the best at sports?

Imagine you’re in an arena or a field with 50,000 people or more, there to watch you do what you love to do. The atmosphere is loud and crazy with people chanting your name. Being in the professionals for any sports gets people coming up to you any day asking for a picture or autograph. A lot of people might come up to you where it gets annoying. If you say no they go on social media and talk about how you don’t like your fans.

People all over the U.S. watch sports. Approximately 154.4 million viewers in the United States watch live sports. People tape sports games on their TV to watch again or later.

Playing sports at a professional level must have ups and downs. Just like people coming up to you for pictures, and etc… And you’ll have people that don’t like you and people that do. But haters come with anything you do.

So would you think of playing sports with an audience cheering for you, excited to watch you play at the professional level?