COVID-19 messed it up

COVID-19 messed it up

COVID has stopped us from living our lives like we used to. It has also altered sports, shows, concerts, and more. A lot of places have CDC guidelines in place to keep everyone safe. The following places are no different.

YMS has taken such precautions from mask-wearing to little to no paperwork. The school marked off every other seat at the lunch tables. This helps us stay as socially as distant as possible. No doubt all the precautions hurt the school financially, and when asked about it, ou

r principal Clay McDonald had this to say:

“Luckily we have been purchasing Chromebooks for the last few years and we had many Chromebooks (class sets). Therefore, we didn’t have to buy a lot of Chromebooks for YMS,” said McDonald. “Schoology is expensive for sure. With all the COVID issues, thermometers, masks, Chromebooks, Schoology, etc the district has spent over $1 million dollars so we can have school in a safe and useful manner.”

That is a lot of money. The school could’ve had so much more wiggle room financially, that covid slapped the school hardcore.

The NBA was hit hard by COVID as well. They had to think of a way they could have basketball players as safe as possible, so they rented a place in Disney World, which is located in Florida, to hold the NBA until this all blows over. They call it “The Bubble”. They couldn’t ship out every team and all its players, so they had to cut some teams for this NBA season. Some of the cut teams include the Chicago Bulls, the Charlotte Hornets, the Atlanta Hawks, and the Cleveland Cavaliers, just to name a few. They had to start the season late, but “the Bubble” worked out pretty well, granted there are no screens for fans to appear like the “WWE Thunderdome”.

WWE has been an extremely popular sporting event that people from all over the world come together to watch. Believe it or not, COVID came and slapped WWE in the face. WWE is not allowing other people into the stadium during shows, however, they built a state of the art technological masterpiece called the “WWE Thunderdome” which is just a normal stadium, but instead of chairs where the fans would usually sit, they added screens for people all around the world to join and watch together. After you apply and get confirmed on the WWE website, you can join in on any device and become the faces people watch on said screens. Overall this is an amazing concept that is safe for the members of the “WWE Universe” to feel like they are actually there!

To round out my story, COVID has altered our daily lives in every way possible. The places I mentioned are working to keep us safe and make our lives back to normal as much as possible. These places show courage and bravery to try something new, and I believe that we will come out of this pandemic an even better and stronger nation.