Criminal Minds Solid Review: To Watch Or Not To Watch

Criminal Minds is an amazing gory crime drama show that many people could binge watch and I don’t blame them. The TV show Criminal Minds started airing on September 22, 2005. With astronomical reviews, the show went on to produce a whole 15 seasons. The TV show is about a BAU team (Behavioral Analysis Unit) fighting murders, psychos, and sometimes even some of their own. Along with many plot twists and romance twists. Sadly the show ended on February 19, 2020, the show was supposed to air one more season but that season got cut for legal reasons.
Criminal minds put a lot of time and effort into their characters and their storylines. One thing that people can agree with is how annoying it was that they would bring up topics about the character’s life and then shut it down and not speak on it again such as Spencer Reid’s drug addiction or Hotch being abused as a kid. It could have been a part of their plan to keep the viewers up but c’mon man don’t leave us on a cliffhanger like that we want to know more about the character’s past! Other than that they put a lot of detail into letting us know as much as we could about the characters personal lives in the show as I said before we started there are many romance twists and these were two relationships that people really got into was Reid and JJ but the directors never made it happen the other one was JJ and Emily fans even made a ship name for them… Jemily! Some people do wish they added more characters more often but personally I was fine with having the same characters because then there were always conflicts between one another.
Ah, now for the entertainment value. Personally, I would rate it an immaculate 10/10 but some people would disagree with me. I have heard many people say the plot is very repetitive which I could see where they are coming from but I also know why they might say these things. When I first started watching this series I also thought the exact same thing but as started getting more and more into it I started forming bonds with the character through the show. So, in my opinion, I think people should really just get more into a show before they judge if the plot is repetitive. So now what about you guys, do you think Criminal Minds is to watch or not to watch?