TITANIC: The Best Movie In The 90´s

The Titanic, truly a great movie, was released on December 19, 1997. Titanic is an epic, action-packed romance and starts out with an explorer named Brock Lovett searching underwater for the lost heart of the ocean blue diamond necklace. The movie then goes on to show 100-year-old Rose 84 years after the Titanic disaster. Rose starts to tell the explorers, that was her necklace and that she was actually on the Titanic. The explorers then ask Rose more about her experience and she tells them a beautiful love story about her and her 20-year-old lover named Jack Dawson. This story was very well written and showed a historic event and information about it but also showed a love story.

The characters were written phenomenally in this movie. The storyline of Rose fits perfectly with Jack’s. It was such a cliche. Rose was a rich 17-year-old girl who was destined to marry 30-year-old Cal Hockley who was rich as well. Despite not wanting to, her mother ordered her to. Rose gets so caught up in everything and tries to end her life. That’s when Jack comes into the picture. Jack Dawson is considered poor and won a ticket onto the Titanic with a good hand at poker. Jack helps Rose not jump off the boat and that’s when the love story begins. I really looked up to Rose’s character because, despite her mom’s wishes, she went for who she truly loved and fought for Jack. Jack also inspired me because he went with the flow and traveled all around the world doing what he loved, drawing. He was also definitely a hopeless romantic.

The Titanic was a very entertaining movie. It has a great love story and who doesn’t love one of those? I would definitely recommend everyone should watch this movie once in their lifetime. Titanic was a 200 million dollar production. It was a blockbuster movie that was extremely successful and most blockbuster movies seem to not do as great. Overall this movie is one of my absolute favorites and I believe it was a great and well-written movie.