A Movie Review of Annabelle Comes Home

Annabelle Comes Home
The movie starts with a girl and her parents. Her parents are Ed and Lorraine Warren; they are scary hunters. The girl, Judy Warren can not go on the adventure with her parents because it’s too dangerous for her. Judy’s parents have to go on a trip to get a doll named Annabelle. Judy’s babysitter and babysitter’s friend come over to watch Judy until her parents come home. Someone opens the hunter’s secret door.

The main character is Judy. She is the little girl in the movie and her parents are scary hunters but no one knows about her life. The second character is Mary. Mary is Judy’s babysitter and she plays about half of the main role. Mary is in most of the movie and plays an important role in the movie. Next is Daniela, Daniela is Mary’s Best friend and she is also in the movie a lot. The last people are Ed and Lorraine Warren. I mentioned earlier in the paragraph that they are Judy’s Parents. He and she are the hunters, as of now both of them hunt and catch the scary spirits.

The movie itself was kinda good. But not really because Daniela made me so mad. She was doing the dumbest thing you could ever do. Daniela opened the locked door which had all the spirits in it and unlocked Annabelle’s cage/enclosure. I would personally rate it a 6/10 for the roles of the characters but for the actual movie I’d give it a 7/10. The movie can go in-depth about everyone but although the move was not very good I still would recommend watching it.