A reviewer talking about the Hunger Games (Article 2)

I really enjoyed this movie because it had a lot of adventures and showed multiple sides of humanity. It also shows how people can easily be manipulated into thinking something is right when it is really wrong.

In the movie, Katniss is a strong female character who takes a stand to protect her sister, her friends and herself. Prim and her mother are weaker female characters that show how women were expected to be in that time, but they also showed interest in medical things and became nurses for the war that was happening. Peta is a weaker male character that soon becomes a very strong fighter. There are also two presidents: President Coin and President Snow. Both have the same characteristics of showing people only their nice side until they see a threat, then they show how ugly they can be with their intentions to hurt people.

The Hunger Games were set to punish those who had fought against the Capital 74 years before Katniss took her sister Prims place as Tribute. The way the tribute worked was that they would take a male and female from each colony also known as a district and they would be put into the games and fight until there was one person left.

The Hunger Games started out as punishment but over the years it had become entertainment to those who watched in the Capital. Katniss and Peeta did their best to stay alive in the games but to do so they had to portray the story of star crossed lovers. Before they actually were in love they went against the rules and tricked people into thinking they were, just so they both could survive instead of just one being the victor.

The thing that I didn’t really like about the movie is the ending. What I mean by this is that in one moment President Coin is trusted by Katniss and in the next, she is the villain. President Coin causes an accident with the Capital’s children, which in turn causes Prim to die. At that moment when Katniss realizes what has happened her trust in a better future is broken and President Coin now must die. In the end, both President Coin and President Snow die for the things they have done to the people and the future is no longer being driven by them.