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This movie can out on march 22, 2019.

This movie was great!! It was spooky and heart racing. I had a great time watching this, it is great to watch before going on a summer vacay. All in all this movie is awesome. I definitely recommend it.
It takes place in a family in a beach house. But the mom has some bad memories there. Thay when to the beach when she wandered off from her dad and entered the find your shelf activity. She walked through and the power went out so she went through the glass maze to find her shadow.
The next thing is that when they went to the house 30 years later and her husband had talked about going to the same beach. The mom did not like the idea, but they went anyway. But when they got back to the house and went to bed Jason saw a family standing in the driveway, but when the father went to tell them to leave they didn’t. So he went back inside, grabbed a bat then went back outside. He said he wasn’t playing around, but suddenly the mom of the family standing in the driveway clapped then they dispersed.
They immediately tried to find a way to get into the house. But when they got in the house the mom, knew what was going on. They all meet in the living room terrified but then the shadow mom (the bad mom) starts to tell a story. Adelaide was freaked out so was her kids and husband. But then, the shadow mom separated everyone with their shadow.
But when Adelaide was with her shadow, the shadow continued the story. So creepy so deep.
So Jason took Pluto to a closet to play, but Jason locked Pluto in the closet. So the shadow mom went to get her son. Adelaide went to save Jason. While all that happened, Umbre was running from her shadow, but her shadow was trying to kill her.
And Gabe (the dad) was on the boat with his shadow, he was in a bag. His shadow was going to dump him in the water. But suddenly the motor stopped working. He hit it a couple of times, but while he was doing that Gabe was looking for a way to exterminate him. Gabe saw a rope and thought it was time. He pushed off the shadow but his foot was caught up in the rope and the shadow was hanging on the rope by his foot being dragged by the boat. All of a sudden the boat started working and Gabe fell off. But the boat kept going when the shadow was attached. But the boat eventually came back, but when Gabe got on the boat the shadow attacked. Gabe pushed him off then the shadow got copied by the boat.
The characters are Adelaide (the mom), Gabe (the dad), Umbre (the daughter), Jason (the son), kitty (a friend). I don’t know most of the shadows’ names. Pluto ( the shadow son), the shadow mom, dad, and daughter, I don’t know the names.
This is the rest of the movie is for you to enjoy. But overall this movie is one of the best I watched.