Finished with show, what’s next? Try Lucifer.

Lucifer is the kind of show that makes you want to go on the edge of your seat. Why? Well, the characters are extremely good at acting as their characters, the story has a pretty good plot, and you get so invested in it that you can’t wait for another season or episode to come.

The characters’ dialogue between the characters is just so meaningful and realistic as if it were actually happening to them in real life, especially Lucifer and Chloe (The detective) Their conversations/dialogue is impeccable they literally run the whole show, they hit you in your soft spot. Literal goals. They get you to be intrigued by the show. You get all kinds of emotions during scenes, for example, in a scene everyone’s so emotional and heartfelt, you start to tear up and even cry a little. But there is one con, there is this one character that we saw a lot in the first episodes, but then after a few episodes, we barely see any of that character.

The story plot is pretty good. There are some parts where it’s like going up a roller coaster, for example, in some of the episodes it’s like it’s chill, in the beginning, then we see a little action going on, then you get hit with the climax! And it shocks you. It’s literally that good of a climax! After a hot minute, everything goes back to chill and relax, then the episode ends in a cliffhanger! That’s how they get you hooked! Chile anyway, there are some episodes or scenes that make you wonder and connect to the characters.

The entertainment value is excellent! After a few episodes you get hooked and man, you will be binge-watching the show for about 10 hours, because the episodes are pretty long if you ask me. Honestly, that’s all I have to say about that show. If you are the person to watch a mysterious type of show, then watch Lucifer. You won’t regret it!