My honest review of Zootopia


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This is placed in the town “zootopia” while most of the characters featured as there walling down the street, this never happens in the movie but I love this movie poster.

I think this movie is great for any age! Well, you might think it was made for little kids, but don’t worry there are plenty of undercover jokes for adults as well. But I think this is great for younger kids as it teaches them that this Bunny that was assumed as can’t be a cop or can’t do this, worked hard, and got there. This shows kids whatever you are, whoever you are you can make your dreams come true if you try.

As far as the movie goes, it is amazing. The voice actors that play Judy Hopps and Nicklous Wilde are exactly what I imagine them to sound like. Judy, the character, is played by Ginnifer Goodwin. Judy is very high energy, determined, and very kind, and I think the voice of Judy was a perfect fit for her character. Nick Wilde is played by Jason Bateman, which again the voice fits the character so well. Nick is a very sarcastic, mischievous type of character, but under that, he is very heartfelt. I think that these characters were played very well.

I think this movie is great! I rate it a 10/10. Everything was put together so neatly, there are twists and turns that you don’t expect which gives the perfect amount of anticipation. Other than other Disney movies this doesn’t have dancing or singing in it, the movie comes along as not as basic. I would recommend this movie to anyone and I think they would have a wonderful time watching it as well!