Impractical jokers,The funniest show on Television:

Have you been looking for a show to watch? Bored with every show on tv? Staring at your wall for hours? Well here’s a show you won’t regret watching! The Impractical jokers are about four real-life best friends from high school, Brian Quin, Sal Vulcano, James Murray, and lastly Joe Gatto, who compete to embarrass each other on a reality t.v. show. If they refuse to do the dare given by another guy they lose that round. And whoever has the most thumbs down, which they get one when they lose, has to do a very big punishment. For example, in one episode Murr lost and the guys brought him to a barber he had no clue what they were doing but they decided to shave his eyebrows off and after that, he had to get his driver’s license picture again! If you refuse a punishment you get kicked off the show.
The film is of good quality and you could never tell that anything could be planned which it isn’t, but the quality is straight on.
The entertainment levels, in my opinion, are astronomical, this show is definitely on my favorites list, full of laughs and hilarious jokes. I would rate this show an 10/10. Maybe not recommended for kids because most of their jokes aren’t meant for children but the show stills one and a million. One of the most popular voted punishments was The tattoo, this was two jokers punishments because they were tied in thumbs down, but the guys decided to blind Sal and Murr and they surprised them with a tattoo of their choice! Sal got Jaden Smith and Murr was given a ferret. If you haven’t watched this show you are definitely missing out. This show is full of excitement, thrill and hilarious laughs, number one on my list!