Review: A Silent Voice

A Japanese film that will keep you hooked


Photo Credit: Kyoto Animation

A Silent Voice movie poster shows its release date in 2017.

The Japanese film, A Silent Voice, starts off with a deaf girl getting bullied for how she was born, but further into the story it reveals so much more. This story shows mental illness and real-world problems kids are facing today. The main bully, and main character, bullied her for something she cannot help. She’s deaf. Both characters in the movie are lonely and just want friends, but they have a different approach. Shouko, the deaf girl, comes into elementary school as the new girl and once Shoya finds out she can’t hear he decides it’s funny to pick on her, in hopes of looking cool.
The characters in this film are betrayed in an amazing way. Shoya deals with depression and loneliness while Shouko deals with loneliness and struggles to fit in. This movie has many plot twists and will have you locked in until the very end.
As you know anime is animation therefore there’s an artist behind these films. The design and detail of A Silent Voice were very well thought out and truly beautiful. One part of this animation was the big X’s on people’s faces, in Shoya’s view, symbolizing his depression, making it hard to look people in the eyes. I thought it was a really nice detail and symbol to represent that. The artist clearly spent time and thought to all the details, textures, and colors. The entertainment value of this movie is through the roof.
It keeps you hooked by adding plot twists, backstories, and the emotional rollercoaster you’re on while watching. Of course, this movie is an anime so I’m not sure if you would have to be an anime fan to enjoy this, but in my eyes, anyone could watch this film and love it.