An interview with Mr. French

Lifetouch National School Studios Inc.

Mark French works at the Yukon Middle School and is a 7th-grade English teacher. At a very young age, Mark had thought of being a teacher, and started thinking about taking a teaching class at a young age but didn’t make it until later in life. On his first day of being a teacher with a real class, he was very nervous as were his students, he was hired five days before school started. Before he started teaching he met a very nice lady later in life and it was the second marriage for both them. Her name is Reida and she is the love of his life. Although he was in the military, at first it was very difficult and made him wanna quit, but once you were there for a while it got easier over time. When he was still in his childhood he was a great kid, he was really into reading and hunting as a kid he also loved school. During school, he loved to read, and in high school, he did football which he said was great. Being a teacher is his dream job so he’s glad he’s a teacher. I and Mark have a great relationship. He’s very nice, inspiring, helping, and encouraging. Before he was a teacher he set up a Mexican shop in New York City and he was unsuccessful and just was lost for a moment but then he stayed and became successful on Wall Street and later in the oil field. But later in life, he became a teacher.

What was basic training like?

It was intense. The very first part was designed to make you quit but once you stayed it gets more interesting.

When and why did you decide to become a teacher?

Very young, I was a young future teacher learning to lead and guide people.

Tell me about your first day as a teacher if you remember.

On my first day with students, he was hired 5 days before school started. He was very nervous as the students and didn’t know what to expect.

 Do you have a love of your life if yes who?

Riadia grew up in a small town in Oklahoma. It was amazing how many ways they were alike. She loves music and humor as well as being very grateful.

Do you like your job?

Yes, it was his dream job. He loves teaching English and teaching the 7th grade.

 Do you believe in God?

Absolutely it is easy to think God is to make things happen at the right time but, life loses a lot of magic.

Do you have any last wishes?

Just that when I pass I want people to remember me. If people remember you fondly that means you made their lives better.

What is your best memory of me?

Whenever you first started going after the Istation minutes because you would share your excitement for it.

 Where did you grow up?

A very small town in west Texas called Fabens.

 Do you think we’ll ever lose touch with each other?

I hope not. I think in Yukon at least we’ll stay in touch at least through high school.

 What was your childhood like?

 I was really into reading but the cool kids didn’t like school or reading. It was tough in the beginning. I hunted and read a lot. I played football in high school.

 What kind of student were you?

I was a really good student because of my ADHD. I read a lot in school and just overall loved it

 Was there a teacher or teachers who had a particularly strong influence on your life? Tell me about them.

In high school World history, he really cared about his students and we still talk. We played risk in class with the teacher.

Do you have any favorite stories from school?

Whenever he played out medieval dynasties/history the teacher picked our personalities perfectly he played Habsburgs it was a challenge to keep things up.

When in life have you felt most alone?

Whenever I first lived in New York I tried to do a business and it failed miserably but it was very difficult. I had no friends or family, but it eventually got better.