Covid, and its influence on our Lives

Travis Brackett, Writer

Covid, you have heard of it, right? Chances are, in this day and age that you have heard your fair share about it. And it has affected our lives in many ways, such as having to change up our lifestyles in many stiff and troublesome ways like having to use masks.

Whether you agree or disagree with that, life has still changed nonetheless, such as increased usage of masks, and many workplaces requiring their employees to get vaccinated.

Some of these things can help. Such as face coverings, and washing your hands more often. But it is a little unethical that many people are losing their jobs because they do not feel comfortable getting the vaccine, whether it be for religious beliefs, or simply distrust of those who produce the shots. 

We have also needed to accommodate for newly implemented rules, such as having to stay 6 feet apart from our friends, which could mess with our social lives.

Although the rule may help to slow down the spread of The virus, it does force us to make adjustments to how we live our lives. 

Personally, I have felt as though many friendships have been beaten and broken down. Relationships can be eroded by the decrease in seeing each other, or walls being built by differing views about politics or the pandemic. 

Travis Brackett

Again, the increase of having to use masks is very annoying. The increased pressure for hand washing, hand sanitizer; Furthermore, the decreased problem now, but the increased consumption of things such as toilet paper, may not be relevant now, but used to be a very serious problem.

It may not have affected your life as much, but for many students around the globe, Covid has had major impacts on the day-to-day things of our lives. Although not as big a problem now, lots of schools around the globe moved to virtual learning. Making it much harder for students who get distracted very easily, or those who learn better in a school environment.

Even when schools opened back up, students were still required to stay six feet away from fellow peers. With such a distance between each other, it made it hard for students to socialize, even with them being in the same building.  

To recap, Covid has changed our lives. We have had to stay away from each other, purchase items recently deemed unnecessary, and we have had to accommodate for things such as the vaccine, tests, and masks. As for more fuel to the fire, many people have been divided by their views on the situation.

Think what you want, but the evidence is undeniable, and it is safe to say that our lives will never be the same.