How COVID affects us even now

Christopher Alvarado, Writer

Many people enjoy talking with their friends. Many restaurants did not let people in groups over 4 come inside which ruined many parties. This also made it impossible for families to go shopping together since places like the mall and Costco did not let people in groups of over 2 people come in.

Due to the pandemic, you had to be vaccinated to get into many places like the mall, store, barber, etc.

I think that this is appropriate since the vaccine won’t hurt you. On the contrary, it has saved many lives.

Many people lost contact with their friends during the pandemic leading to a loss in many friendships. This happened to me and it just made the whole pandemic very lonely with no one to talk to.

One night after going on a road trip, I and my dad stopped by an OnCue. When we walk in all we see is chaos: a middle-aged lady wearing a hot pink mask that was hanging under her chin. She was screaming curse words and throwing things at the workers. Apparently, they had refused to give her a refund for an eaten hot dog that she didn’t like.

Due to people not being able to go out in groups places like chuck-e cheese and six flags lost tons of money in 2020. It was not uncommon for other companies to make significantly more money during the pandemic.

Zoom existed before 2020 but became super popularized due to the pandemic. Other apps copying zoom’s uses popped up like google duo.

Hand wipe companies like Clorox made over 6.5 billion dollars. Purell lost many sales this year because new competitors came up during the pandemic. This prompted Purell to experiment with things that are not just hand-sanitizer to gain a bigger profit. As a result, the pandemic has added many rules to the pandemic and this has affected the population in positive and negative ways. For example companies like Six flags have lost profit while companies like Zoom have gained profit.