Game over

Aiden U'Ren, Writer

Tag is now over, or it was for a while.  Also, since you had to be 6 feet away from everyone even your friends, this means that you can no longer play certain games where you need physical contact to play with them. It was harder to talk to them.

School was canceled because all the teachers and students were sick for the week. Neither the students nor the teachers were wearing masks so they weren’t keeping them nor others safe from Covid. 

Everyone must wear masks or they will be putting their lives in danger because of this new virus. The masks are filtering the air you breathe to keep the viruses outside to protect you. 

All chess tournaments had to have more space due to covid with tons of tables and chairs all 6 feet apart with masks at the front desk if you didn’t bring one.

You must stay six feet away from everyone in the same building as you or you are risking getting sick from Covid-19.