My pandemic

Bella Seaborg, Writer

During COVID, public schools did zoom while I was doing online. Lots of my family plans were canceled.  We couldn’t go out as much. If someone got covid they would have to be quarantined. 

The rules of covid had a big impact on 2020-2021. Everyone had to wear masks and stay 6 feet apart. Some people had to stay in. Most stores didn’t let you inside without a mask on.

 I don’t mind wearing masks, but sometimes they get uncomfortable. 

What we wear and use has changed a lot. We had to wear masks and use hand sanitizer. People stocked up on various cleaning products and washed their hands more than usual.

When I went grocery shopping there was barely any toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and many cleaning products. 

Many of my friends have moved away or I have lost contact with them. We couldn’t hang out with our friends as much as we used to. Some of my friends got sick.

Because there was a lot going on (referring to school) I decided to do online school. Which was a bad idea since I can’t focus on a computer screen in my own room. I zone off a lot and need a teacher to tell me what to do. 

My parents are not big fans of masks. I myself don’t mind them. But because they don’t like them they didn’t wear them in a store and got kicked out.

COVID has changed a lot of what we wear and use. We used to go out all the time and now thanks to the pandemic a lot of us are at home in our pajamas.