How Covid affected my life

Amiya Reed, Writer

My schedule was messed up during the pandemic and quarantine, but it did make me want to go outside more. I didn’t have an exact time to wake up and go to bed. I started going to bed later than I’m used to. Being inside all day made me want to go outside, so I started going to the park near my house. 

You couldn’t go to the places you would without wearing a mask. Grocery stores, barbershops, or anything else would be off-limits if you went without a mask. It was easy to get used to wearing a mask, and I didn’t mind it. It was essential so you could keep yourself along with others safe. The employees at some places even had to check your temperature to make sure you were not sick. 

Students and other people needed to stay 6 feet apart and stay home when they’re sick so they don’t risk getting other people sick. It wasn’t a problem in elementary school, but it’s hard trying to social distance in middle school because of how crowded the halls are. People are expected to stay home whenever they are sick, no matter how you got sick. 

Zoom meetings weren’t as bad for me as people claimed they are. Sitting at my mom’s computer and doing nothing was boring, but better than online work. I couldn’t talk to any of my friends on zoom or make any comments about it to them. I wasn’t able to speak to them because anything I said to them would be heard by the teachers or other students. In the end, we were never able to speak to each other because of quarantine. We didn’t have each other’s phone numbers and we had to stay muted during zoom. 

Because of Covid, people are forced to stay cleaner than they were before Covid. Most stores added hand sanitizer and some schools have their students sanitize their hands before or after they eat or go outside. They are forced to wear a mask and can only take it off when they’re outside. 

Of course, there are different types of masks, some working better than others. According to, A surgical mask, if worn properly, is meant to help block large-particledroplets, splashes, sprays, or splatters that may contain germs from reaching your mouth and nose. 

Overall, Covid-19 was effective towards my schedule and time. But it also helped a lot of people be aware of what they touch and do and forces people to stay cleaner than ever.