The virus experience

Hugh Winkeler, Writer

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all of our lives. Many businesses closed. Some moved online or permanently closed. Most schools went to online learning. It started earlier, hours were shorter and the work was odd. Parties and events were canceled, moved online, or postponed. 

Everybody needed to stay inside. Most people disinfected things constantly like phones, surfaces, tables, etc. Masks were required but then became optional. I was okay with staying inside because I got a new computer for Christmas 2019 and the online work was pretty easy.

Nobody could meet up with their friends or family so they usually had to talk online or on the phone. Parties were canceled. Families couldn’t meet up for seasonal events like Christmas. I talked with my friends online before the virus struck, so it was basically the same. Christmas without family wasn’t very eventful, however.

Because of the coronavirus vaccine being readily available, most places recommend masks now if you’re vaccinated, and some require them. In early lockdown, they were required to wear if the business was even open. The only time most people didn’t wear them was inside their house. Most people didn’t care about what they wore because no one would see it.

In my school, there was no real online learning for the first couple of months, besides some packets. In August, however, they decided to do some online Zoom classes.

If anyone went outside during the early parts of the pandemic, they’d likely see nobody around. Many businesses closed or were very limited, and the ones that were open heavily enforced masks and limits on visitors.

According to, over 100 million people were affected by Coronavirus.

From the start of lockdowns to today, Coronavirus has affected almost every aspect of our lives. It’s been almost 2 years since everyone went into lockdown. Everybody had a different experience with this pandemic, whether good or bad.