Your friends

Tatyana Briggs, Writer

Kortney Webb and Tatyana Bridges have been friends since 4th grade. (Autumn Brown)

You need your friends. Without them, you would be lonely. You would be sad. You would be depressed. But with a friend, you will always be happy. Yall would always be together. Unless something bad happens.

When you sometimes can’t see your friends. Because you just really wanna see them, but they’re either sick or absent, so you just can’t see them until they come back.

When your friends move you won’t be able to see them again. You would only be able to call them or text them if you have their number, but if you don’t have their number, you could never see them or talk to them at all.

If your friend moved, you wouldn’t be able to see them in person. If they were sick, you wouldn’t see them for days. If they were absent, you wouldn’t see them for a day or some days.

Not seeing your friends is awesome. They are your friends. You have to see them every day. If they moved, you wouldn’t have anyone to talk to. You NEED your friends. They are special to you. You can never do anything without your friends.

Being lonely can’t suck. Being with a friend can’t be fun. You can be sad without your friend. You would always want your friend by your side. But if something happened to your friend that would make them bully you, yall would never ever be friends ever again. Yall would never be together. Yall would have to live like this forever. But on the inside, you would miss your friends. No matter if they are a bully to you. In their heart, they are still your friend. And you are still their friend, too.

Friends are important. You always need friends. Without them, you can do nothing but be lonely. You need friends in order for you to always be happy and always be not depressed.