Personal Pandemic

Hudson Percy, Writer

We had to wear a mask anywhere in public, to stop the spread of the virus. It was hard to wear them because it was a new experience. At the start, we wore gloves in addition to the masks. We had to constantly sanitize, with a variety of products. I was scared. I didn’t know what was happening. I hadn’t experienced something quite like this before.

We had to change our schedule and activities because of the virus. We had to cancel events that could have passed COVID. I was disappointed because we couldn’t do some events that I was looking forward to.

We couldn’t see our friends and family members in order to prevent anyone from getting the disease. I was sad that I couldn’t see them but at the same time, I was happy. I was happy that we weren’t taking a risk.

 I felt I was only allowed a few things to do in public. I didn’t feel freedom. It was sad. We had to wear masks and we had to stay six feet apart anywhere we went to prevent us from catching anything.

 Some people wore face shields instead of masks. It was less safe but it still worked. Some people didn’t wear gloves.

 We had to go to an online school through zoom. We couldn’t be at school because they didn’t want to take a risk. Even when we eventually went back to school we had to stay 6 feet apart with masks.


 The CDC recommended that we shouldn’t see outside family members to stop the spread. I missed them. I couldn’t see them for weeks. I was stuck inside doing nothing.

 It was a long slow time. We were stuck inside. Couldn’t really go anywhere. And if we did it was, masks and 6 ft apart. I am glad that it is somewhat over. I do not want that to happen again.