One kid’s perspective

Katie Frederick, Writer

The COVID-19 Pandemic is something that every person to live during 2020 remembers. Some people during the Pandemic weren’t too affected by the virus, but others were extremely affected by the virus. During the Pandemic things only seemed to get worse in the outside world, and if you want honesty. It did. While the Pandemic was going around my sister caught the virus during the pandemic so I can relate to a lot of things revolving around the COVID-19 Pandemic. My sister just catching the virus was enough for my family to begin to be more cautious when out in public.

Now if you were in school during the COVID-19 Pandemic you will most certainly remember an app called Zoom. Zoom was an app where you could talk to somebody from the comfort of your home, but it flunked a lot of kids’ grades. For some kids the problem with Zoom was that it became boring after the first few days of using it, others just lost all motivation after a couple of days. Then you have me, whose problem with Zoom was the fact I fell asleep all the time. Multiple other kids could probably relate to the falling asleep situation while on Zoom.

Now if you thought losing motivation, or falling asleep was the worst part about Zoom, it wasn’t. Things online were a lot harder to tackle instead of using paper and pencil. Just that problem caused some kids to stop doing their work completely, or try it, but because they didn’t

understand the topic, they failed the assignment. You can probably imagine this was the reason why kids lost motivation as well, and you’re not wrong. Most of the motivation loss though came from the subjects getting harder and harder while you’re just barely holding it together.

When my sister caught COVID-19 my family absolutely flipped out. It didn’t help that we shared the same room. Just that incident caused my whole family to try and get us vaccinated as fast as possible. Now I didn’t have a problem with that, but it grew on me that it was becoming a problem. After the whole situation, my family became more precautious while in public. It’s also one of the reasons why I still wear a mask.
The day my sister went to get tested, I was nervous and freaked out. As I heard the intercom call my name my heart skipped beats. I could sense it was my sister’s test results that caused me to walk towards the doors. This scared me more than anything in the world now, a positive COVID-19 test result. Her case wasn’t a bad one (Thank god for that). She acted fine, talked fine, and pretty much everything, but that didn’t mean she got none of the bad symptoms. The worst symptom she had gotten was the loss of taste, now when she eats a certain food she had when she had the virus, she cannot taste it.

Zoom had to be one of the worst things that happened in quarantine. At first, it was cool to have an online class, but then it became more boring each day students got on it. Get this, some just stopped showing up completely. It was that boring. I happened to be one of the kids during the time, just stopped showing up because it made me frustrated. Of course, doing that made my grades hit the very bottom. Sure it cost me my class average, but it was worth it in my opinion.

Looking back at Zoom now, it doesn’t seem that bad anymore. The main reason being: I was always in bed when I got on Zoom. It gave me a reason to be lazy and lay in bed with my camera off. Not just that, but with all the new variants going around, I think it’s the best way to ensure safety right now. Sure it might have caused kids’ grades to drop so far down it’d take five school years to get them back up, but at least it was safe.

During the years Zoom was used to its limits and a lot of kids’ grades dropped. Sometimes it was just from being too lazy, or just didn’t want to do work anymore, but the main reason was that kids just straight up lost motivation. I happened to be one of those ‘lucky’ kids who happened to lose all motivation and pretty much give up on life. The motivation didn’t drop slowly either. It dropped at alarming rates. The first day you’d wake up ready to start the morning and get on Zoom. Then the next day you were already sick of it. Probably had to be one of the worst apps people used in 2020.

I’m gonna be honest. Zoom caused kids’ grades to sink further down than the Titanic. Not to mention it made the day feel slower and more boring. The motivation that was once had, poofed in a matter of seconds after being off the app. Now I’m not trying to hate on the app or anything, but let’s be honest here. We’re all hating on online school more than the app. Now sure we all started off with motivation, we were all excited to see what it’d be like, but not even two days in, kids already got sick of it. 2020 had to be one of the worst years, and people have different reasons for why, but I think I covered most of the reasons why Zoom was a bust for all of us and why we all hated online school. Hopefully, the rest of the years turn out better, but I am unsure if life will ever be normal again.