Covid only gets harder and harder

Autumn Brown, Writer

One major element is online school because everyone can relate. Mostly because everyone in the world is doing it on this app called zoom. Online school is mostly very hard because all my assignments were on the computer and that wasn’t fun. And there was a tremendous amount of bad internet connection like every five minutes someone would say they have a bad internet connection. Also, another bad thing about online school is after you’re done with the work you just sit there and stare into the wall’s soul.

We had to do online school because the teachers were scared of getting it so we stayed home luckily we got to sleep in but we still had to do school every day but for a shorter time. School was only going on through 8:30 to lunch time. I am very happy about that but we would have loads of homework. Even the teachers hated online school.  I don’t know why we couldn’t just wear masks, maybe because Covid spiraled out of hand.

‘’My internet is so bad it keeps loading.’’ That was something I said every day even my parents could say that when they work from home. The good news is that I never had covid but when my mom got it I had to stay home from school because I wasn’t vaccinated. About the vaccines no one has gotten them yet because covid has just started so I’m writing this two years later. My advice to you is to get the vaccine because if you don’t Covid is going to be way worse for you, plus there are only two shots so it isn’t that bad.


Everything was closed so everyone had to stay home and do nothing, I can’t even explain how many ‘I’m bored’ texts I got. All the restaurants were closed and so were the shopping stores. The stores were closed for about 3 weeks. They were the longest 3 weeks ever. The grocery stores were still open but there were like 5 snacks left because everyone took them.

‘I’m so bored there’s nothing to do.’ That is another key quote I said during covid. Like I said everything was closed so there was nothing to do. The other thing was during covid I wanted to hang out with my friends and swim but again they could never come over. I just sat in my room all day watching TV. All I had was my phone and T.V and some game boards which were actually really fun.

‘There is nothing to do!’ I put my head down on the table. I bet you know what I’m doing, online school. I finished all my homework for the day and we still have 10 min left. I’m sitting in my chair at my workplace just staring at the wall’s soul. I decided something to do is grab a snack so I got up and made myself one. After that, I carried on school for 3 more hours until lunch. My teachers would never let us get up and get something in the middle of class.

I’m sitting here doing online school for 345 days. Well at least it feels like it, and we’re doing online school because apparently everyone else is doing it and the principal decided it would be a good idea to follow the trend and stay home because he doesn’t want to get covid. I’m just saying that because I hate Covid and Online school. Covid took away 2 years of my life. Also every time I text someone they ask why they didn’t just call Covid 20.  It was the year 2020 too.

So about masks, they are the most uncomfortable thing anyone could wear, like no one can breathe out of this thing. Apparently, there is a global pandemic going on. I’m saying what I thought about Covid two years ago. Covid started really quickly I can’t really remember but it started with the government putting it on the news then masks then online school then lockdown. Surprisingly it had already been two years since the start of Covid.

Research about covid says that covid can stay in the air for 3 hours. I never really bothered to look up Covid because surprisingly I was scared to see what it could do. For example, after I saw that covid can stay in the air for 3 hours whenever someone coughs next to me I would hold my breath until I’m gone. I tried not to seem rude but I was scared I would get Covid. I also never got it so I don’t know if that helped or not. My parents told me If I ever had it I would be one of the 30% of people who don’t have any symptoms or the 80% of people who have a mild fever or a bad cold. In case you’re wondering, they are called asymptomatic people.

During my early years in covid, some very weird things happened. First, my friends all were quarantined and birthdays had to be canceled. Next, my schedule didn’t change that much except for Christmas being canceled and so was my birthday. Then activities, some competitions have been canceled and now what I wore. People wore masks and face shields and gloves but I only wore masks, and that’s all that happened during Covid 19.